Budgeting Tips

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Check Your Change!

We’ve all heard our share of stories relating to the lastest scam but did you know that a common scam happens right at the cash register?

Check your change! It may just be human error, but it never hurts to double check! March is Fraud Awareness month in Canada.

To learn more, visit the Government of Canada’s Competiton Bureau website.

Pay Yourself First

We all know the theory. Now here’s how to do it and save it! There are various techniques that may work for you. Try one or several.

  • Opening a saving account and set up an automatic transfer on pay days.
  • Have a portion of your payroll deposit sent to a separate account, or even to a different bank
  • Cancel debit card access to your savings account
  • Use payroll deductions for Canada Savings Bonds/RRSP
  • Make it a habit. If you need to use it, fine, but keep saving & don’t get discouraged
  • Above all, set goals. Saving is hard work so find that one thing that really motivates you and use it to propel you when the saving get tough!