New! Community walk-in credit clinic opens July 17th, 9 – noon


Have you ever felt like you just needed to see a doctor now? That persistent sore throat or some other worrying symptom that you just know will keep you awake all night and prevent you from performing your best at work tomorrow? When these issues pop up and we have no immediate access to a family doctor, we often turn to a walk-in clinic for some immediate reassurance, direction and self-help steps we can take to at the very least, prevent symptoms from getting worse.  Like health worries, financial worries can also keep us awake at night, impact our work day and even cause stress related physical symptoms. With this in mind, CCRC is launching our first Community Walk-In Credit Clinic on Wednesday, July 17th from 9 to noon.

CCRC’s walk-in clinic will provide our community with a trusted, reliable resource for resolving financial issues that are creating stress. Some of the signs or ‘symptoms’ we may be experiencing with financial stress include:

·        General and ongoing worry about bills, money and expenses

·        Difficulty falling asleep or unrestful sleep worrying about money

·        Stress on relationships when talking about finances

·        Worrying about basic expenses this month like rent, mortgage or insurance

·        Receiving disconnection or cancellation notices

·        Using credit to buy essentials such as food or gas without paying the balance off   each month

·        Receiving collection calls, emails or mail that we do not want to answer or open

·        Borrowing from family or friends frequently to make ends meet

·        Paying too much interest and worried that we are approaching balance limits

·        Changes in employment, relationships or household income that create financial unbalance

·        Considering a pay day loan or cash advance to solve an urgent financial matter

If there is a financial issue that is causing stress, but does not require legal counsel, our walk-in clinic might be right for you. We can provide brief services around a number of issues to help reduce worry and stress and provide self-help resources.

Some of the ways a walk-in clinic can help:

·        Pick up forms to obtain a free Equifax or Trans Union credit reports or receive help with the forms if needed

·        Answer questions about collection practices in Ontario

·        Help you make an informed choices regarding the use of credit, joint-borrowing & co-signing

·        Understand options for reducing or resolving debt

·        Direction to reliable resources for further information on banking, saving, credit and many other financial topics

·        Pick up monthly budgeting work sheets and money management resources

·        Make referrals to other community programs and services that may be able to help

Need more help turning things around? After attending a clinic session, you can schedule a free, follow-up appointment. Our credit counsellors are accredited, friendly and non-judgmental. We are here to help.