Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I use the services of the Community Counselling and Resource Centre instead of another credit counselling organization?

The Credit Counselling program at the Community Counselling and Resource Centre has only your interests in mind. As a not-for-profit agency, we work only for you; we have no interests in making a profit. We advise our clients to be aware of some of the other debt management agencies which can make false claims and steer clients in directions that are not in their best interest.

What should I expect when calling to book an appointment?

You will be asked to provide some basic information so your counsellor can fully understand your situation. A professional counsellor will be assigned to work with you on a confidential basis. Service may range from simple, brief, one-time telephone advice to a comprehensive five-year repayment program.

Am I eligible for credit counselling?

Yes. Our clients range from students and young people who have not yet experienced the effects of personal debt, to those individuals who are deeply burdened with personal debt and need direct advice or intervention. If you are someone whose financial situation has undergone recent changes or you are a student, a family, or a senior, a confidential consultation with a qualified Credit Counsellor can give you the tools you need to handle financial problems and avoid them in your future. We serve Peterborough County, Northumberland County, Haliburton County and the City of Kawartha Lakes. We counsel people face-to-face in each location.

What is the cost?

Your credit counselling sessions are free. If you choose a debt management program, you can expect a reasonable cost to establish the program and a small monthly service charge.

How can I make an appointment?

Call Credit Counselling Service at (705) 743-2272 or Toll-Free at (800) 274-1611 to schedule a free appointment.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please print off and complete our assessment form, found here, and bring it to your appointment. Please bring all recent credit card statements, overdraft, and personal loan balances. If you have a spouse or partner, we recommend that you attend the session together. If you have young children, we recommend that you do not bring them with you, to avoid disruptions.

What should I expect at my appointment?

You can expect a professional and friendly environment. Your counsellor will meet with you in a relaxed, non-judgmental manner, with complete confidentiality. Sessions usually take about one hour, and an additional session may be booked if more time is needed. Please bring your completed assessment form and financial statements with you so we may serve you more effectively. We review your financial situation and your personal circumstances, and identify all possible options and solutions to fit your needs. Your counsellor will discuss your options with you, and you will have full control on how you want to proceed. We will assist you to set up an action plan and provide follow-up support.

How will I benefit from credit counselling?

Clients who have increased their money management and debt management skills will discover benefits that lead to reduced family stress caused by financial turmoil, an increase in self confidence, a sense of satisfaction from meeting your obligations, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of regaining control of one’s life, and an end to the dreaded collection call.